The Disability, HIV and AIDS Trust (DHAT) is a not-for-profit regional organization promoting HIV and AIDS responses that address the needs and empowerment of disabled people, through building and strengthening the capacity of Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPOs) in southern Africa.

DHAT was founded by people with disabilities who have a strong foundation and experience of working in DPOs, supporting persons with disabilities (PWDs) to develop capacity to design and implement supportive programs at grassroots level. Although DHAT was formed by people with disabilities, it is not a membership organization.

DHAT has developed a strategic partnership with the Southern African Aids Trust (SAT) in scaling up the capacity of DPOs response to HIV and AIDS needs. A number of local DPOs from the region have benefited from the partnership through capacity building training and lesson sharing workshops.

Other regional organizations collaborating with DHAT in the region are, the Southern African AIDS Network (SAT), Southern African Aids Organization (SANASO), Regional Aids Non-Governmental Organizations (RANGO), and Africa Network of Religious Leaders Living with Aids (ANERELA+).