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Get involved, Donate towards Humanitarian Aid

Its our responsibility to help disabled friends of ours get the aid and resources that make them reach their goals too..

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The Disability Rights and Development Centre - DRDC-DHAT

The DRDC-DHAT under DHAT and ZIMNEDHAO has country offices in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and work with partners in other SADC countries.

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The Disability Rights and Development Centre – DHAT (DRDC-DHAT) is a not-for-profit regional alliance organization promoting Disability, Health and Development responses that address needs and empowerment of persons with disabilities and communities, through building and strengthening capacity of DPOs and CBOs in Southern Africa and SADC countries.

Our mandate is advocacy for disability inclusion, health, education, gender, access to humanitarian AID, policies, legislation, strategies, practices, economic, culture and social development, DHAT promotes the rights and capabilities of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and communities.

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Country offices

The DRDC-DHAT under DHAT and ZIMNEDHAO   has country offices in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and work with partners in other SADC countries its headquarters are in Harare, Zimbabwe. 


Zimbabwe Programmes


Malawi Programmes


Botswana Programs


Zambia Programs


our Programs

These are our main programs and we follow our guiding principles in making our goals reachable.


Capacity Building,-Human /Disability rights management and Inclusion, Advocacy and Influence e.t.c.


Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS and Covid-19,Physiotherapy, Development of IEC Materials (In braille and Large print) e.t.c


Inclusive Development, Economic Empowerment, Inclusive Education (Early hood &child sponsorship). Rehabilitation and shelter e.t.c.

Humanitarian AID

Inclusive Humanitarian Action, Humanitarian Access (Food and drugs), Water and Sanitation, Psychosocial Support, Assistive Devices e.t.c.

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