April 2010 Report – Agnes Banda Volunteer Report Form


MONTH: April

HOURS WORKED: 144 hours

TECHNICAL SUPPORT/PARTNERS VISITED/other visits(include dates and time)Zambia national association of the deaf (ZNAD) on April at 14hrs Central park on 3rd April at 09hrs Intercity bus terminus  on 10th April at 17hrs District health management team (DHMT) on 8th April at 10hrs Virology lab on 9th April at 1400hrs Zambia national association of the deaf on 19th April at 13hrs Zambia national association of the deaf on 20th April at 15hrs Zambia national association of the deaf on 24th April at 9hrs Standard chartered bank on 19th April at 14.30hrs Mental health network on 26th April at 11hrs Chainama hills hospital mental health department on 26th April at 15hrs The University of Zambia on 27th April at 8hrs
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ISSUESThe visits to ZNAD were meant to strengthen the VCT Centre and also communicate to them about the $1500 which was expected from Botswana to their account for the pilot study. Furthermore, I had to follow up on the letter of agreement and terms of reference that were sent by DHAT Botswana to ZNAD for their one day meeting on mainstreaming HIV/AIDS interventions into their programmes. The other visits to ZNAD including the visit to standard chartered bank constituted following up on the money for the research project and also getting some technical support from Mr. Mbewe. The visits to the Mental Health Network, Chainama Hills Hospital; Mental Health department and the University of Zambia were made to identify partners who would help us identify participants for the research, i.e. mentally ill persons that could possibly take part in the study and also find the best practices that could be used when dealing with such persons. The visits to the District Health Management Team and the virology lab were made to register the ZNAD VCT centre as an independent centre and not an extension of FRONTLINE VCT. The visits to central park and the intercity bus terminus were designed to meet Mr. Sinyinza from DHAT Botswana so that he could endorse his signature on some bank documents and also give him some forms to deliver in Botswana for signing by the Executive Director and have them sent back as soon as they could.    
 RECOMMENDATIONSIn the march report I highlighted the need for DHAT regional to send resources for transport and communication to which a budget had already been submitted, I recommend that this issue be addressed soon as I find myself using the little personal resources that I have to execute my duties.

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