What is Covid 19?

Is a virus that attacks and damages the respiratory systems especially the lungs causing breathing difficulties in the human being of all ages and status. The disease that is caused by this virus is called Corona Virus Disease discovered or report in Wuhan, China in December 2019. In short is (COVID-19).

Why is DRDC-DHAT and Persons with disabilities involved in the response to Corona virus?

The goal of this intervention is to minimize the negative impact of Covid-19 among Persons with disabilities; hence through this global challenge of combating the spread of Covid-19, it is persons with disabilities that would be disproportionately affected as many persons with disabilities depend on others to take care of their daily activities. Persons with disabilities are the poorest of the poor.

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Outlined Responses

We strive to bring our peers and our community, the best responses to this pandemic.  That means we’re definitely doing something right.

1. Access To Accurate Information For PWDS

We can send our team of experts to your site if you feel the job needs to be done onsite.